Happiness – Heather Harpham

Heather and Brian are madly in love until she gets pregnant. Brian doesn’t want kids, but Heather is getting older and fears she may never get another chance. Because her mom and friends live in California, Heather moves cross-country and sets about having the baby alone, with support from home. It’s not easy, but Heather knows she made the right choice when little Gracie arrives. However, her new mom bliss is quickly interrupted when it becomes clear Gracie is sick, very sick. She’s got a blood disorder which requires constant transfusions, but transfusions bring potentially fatal health problems of their own. Having followed Heather’s situation from afar, Brian reappears and together they make several heart-rending decisions to try to ensure Gracie makes it to adulthood. Told with humor, the author nevertheless manages to convey the horror of coping with a sick child. The book is nicely written and totally authentic since it’s based on Harpham’s own real life experience. Throughout the book, love and happiness come shining through showing that it is possible to retain joy even when circumstances are most dire.

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