Unbelievable – Katy Tur

Katy Tur was an NBC television reporter with an enviable posting in London when asked to report on Donald tRump’s presidential campaign. She was given the assignment over more seasoned reporters with the expectation the run would be short-lived. But seeing the reaction of fans, Tur began to believe the impossible might actually happen. For a year and a half, she lived out of a suitcase, following him to forty states, living on junk food and struggling to keep up her appearance in more than 3,800 TV reports. Along the way, she endured taunts from tRump for calling him on his lies, at one point needing Secret Service protection from rabid fans. In some ways this is a difficult book to read because we know tRump wins. It’s painful reliving the experience. But Tur doesn’t shy away from revealing his pettiness; the difficulty of life on the road; the character of his followers; and the obsequiousness of staff. All in all, a fascinating look at a political reporter on the road during an election year covering the circus that is Donald tRump.


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