A Thousand Naked Strangers – Kevin Hazzard

a-thousand-naked-strangers-9781501110832_hrOkay, so maybe this isn’t one of the best books of all time, but it’s an enjoyable non-fiction read, an interesting glimpse into the life of an EMT/Paramedic. After 9/11, Kevin Hazzard feels something’s missing so he decides to train as an EMT, working his way into an ambulance position with Grady, a hospital serving the worst sections of Atlanta. Frightened at first, he quickly gains mastery and thrives on the adrenaline rush. He describes the calls: a car crash so devastating he finds his hand resting in someone’s brain; a heart attack victim who insists on walking to the ambulance and dies as a result; drug deaths and situations where he and his partner are in grave danger from dealers and unruly crowds; and domestic calls where responders are attacked by the women they are trying to help by arresting their abusers. Hazzard lasted a decade in an industry where months or a year or two is the norm. A very well written, fascinating look into an arena where any of us may suddenly be thrown.

8 thoughts on “A Thousand Naked Strangers – Kevin Hazzard

  1. Not that this compares, but I was a server for three years, and the stories are unbelievable. I can’t image how much worse it could get with drugs and life-or-death situations involves. Kudos to Hazzard for keeping track of it all.


  2. The great title and cover of this book alone would make me pick it up to have a peruse! Your review makes me even more interested in it and I’m off to check it out now. Thank you for sharing.


  3. I have often wondered about the life of a paramedic. Definitely front line service, I see from the description of a few. Adrenaline – I guess So! Glad to know about this and thanks to Hazzard for recounting his encounters for us.


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