Glow – Amy Kathleen Ryan

glowMany of the Young Adult dystopian novels that came out after The Hunger Games were disappointing to say the least, but this book explores the theme of totalitarianism better than most. In outer space, two ships are on the way to populate a distant planet after Earth’s collapse, except onboard the New Horizon the women are all sterile. Desperate to procreate, the crew mount an attack on their sister ship, Empyrean, killing all the adults and kidnapping the female children. Held captive, fifteen-year-old Waverly wages careful resistance. Onboard the Empyrean, her captain-in-training boyfriend, Kieran, fights to get her back with nothing more than a crew of boys to man the ship. Can Kieran, who uses to religion to maintain strict control, fend off the brilliant Seth who is of a much more liberal mindset? Which boy will Waverly prefer if rescued? There’s a depth to this book not present in most YA novels. The author masterfully weaves in themes of religion, good versus evil, and reproductive rights, while still managing to provide a thrilling, technically proficient Sci-Fi adventure.

6 thoughts on “Glow – Amy Kathleen Ryan

  1. My son and I devoured the Hunger Games series but then tried others of similar genre but they failed mostly to come up to scratch so we stopped reading these types of books for a while. We might well give this one a go following your review.


    1. I’ve been mostly disappointed in the dystopian follow ups too. Glow skews a little older, given the topics explored. I enjoyed it, but much depends on your son’s age. I did enjoy Divergent and Legend, probably the best of the genre.

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  2. It is typical that, following a blockbuster series, a ton of sister books gets pushed out, none of which really measure up. It’s all about making money (publishing is a business too), but it’s also a good thing in a way, because it gives those new authors face-time. They can then write better second books, and from there they will either already have agents, or at least be able to say they were already published.

    I’ll look into Glow for my little sisters! I like the sound of it! My WIP has a Kieran in it too 🙂 I just always loved that name.


    1. I understand where you’re coming from, but as a reader, it’s very disappointing when you grab a book and it doesn’t live up to expectations. Hopefully, you’re right, and some of the follow up dystopian writers will come up with better books in the future. In any case, Glow is a fairly intelligent read after some pretty derivative dreck.


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