Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl

charcover15In this whimsical children’s book, Charlie is a poor boy fascinated by a famous chocolate factory owned by mysterious Willy Wonka. He’s thrilled when five tickets are hidden inside candy bars granting a factory tour, but can only afford a few tries and none win. One day, he finds a coin, buys one more and gets a ticket! His Grandpa Joe, 96, goes with him on the tour. The first stop is the Chocolate Room where the kids meet the wonderfully strange Oompa Loompas who run the show. However, greedy Augustus is sucked up by a giant pipe after he falls into the chocolate river. In the Inventing Room, Violet, an obsessive gum-chewer, grabs experimental gum and becomes a giant blueberry. Spoiled Veruca, insists on going into the off-limits Nut Room where she is attacked by squirrels, deemed a bad nut and thrown down the garbage chute. Mike, an aspiring gangster addicted to TV, accidental shrinks himself in the Television Room. As the last child left, sweet Charlie wins a totally unexpected prize, one that changes his life forever. This book spawned two successful movies and is beloved by people of all ages everywhere. 



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