The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank

519HKX9M69LAnne Frank is a typical teenager living in Amsterdam in 1942, except she’s Jewish, and anti-Semitic laws make life increasingly hard. To avoid a concentration camp, the Franks go into hiding with another family and an acquaintance in a secret annex above Mr. Frank’s office stockpiled with food and supplies. Anne continues her diary while in hiding. She includes war details, but more often writes about loneliness and isolation. She details her crush on the teenage boy sharing the annex which ebbs given her father’s disapproval. She also describes feeling solidarity with Jews being persecuted, but resents it and wants to be seen as an individual. For two years, she details confinement and deprivation, but the diary ends abruptly in 1944 when the family is betrayed to the Nazis and arrested. Anne’s father, the family’s sole survivor, gets her diary back from Miep, a young woman who helped them, and publishes it to fulfill Anne’s wishes. It is both a condemnation of the horror of the Holocaust, and one of the few accounts from a young person’s perspective.   

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