Me, Earl and The Dying Girl – Jesse Andrews


This irreverent young adult novel provides a fresh spin on a familiar story. Social misfit Greg is a senior in high school who panders to every clique, but joins none. Earl, a kid from a broken family, is his only real pal. They spend their time making films they don’t let anyone see. One day, Greg’s mother insists he visit a childhood buddy, Rachel, who’s been diagnosed with leukemia. Greg only liked Rachel to get to her better looking friends, but awkwardly they get reacquainted. Greg resents the time he spends with her, and is furious when a more sympathetic Earl, offers to show her their films. He’s mollified when Rachel loves them, but resists calling her a true friend.  Greg starts to fail his classes as he struggles to cope with Rachel’s devastating illness. The author of this book has a unique voice, sometime over the top, but always funny.  He finds a new way to explore a familiar situation with characters who aren’t always likable, but who are always real.





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