Marley and Me – John Grogran

200px-Marley_&_Me_book_coverI do love my pets and this book, although not literary fiction, was a joy to read and quite the emotional journey. In it, John and Jenny are just beginning their life together when they bring home an adorable, active puppy named Marley. He quickly grows into a ninety-seven pound Labrador retriever who crashes through screen doors, drools on guests, steals women’s underwear, and eats everything including dry-wall, couches and fine jewelry. Although he fails at obedience school, Marley’s joyful approach to life, his love and his loyalty are as boundless as his bad behavior. Marley shares with John and Jenny all the highs and lows of their young adult life, including the birth of their children. Yet, a dog’s life is not as long as that of a human, so we must also bear witness to Marley’s decline in the last stages of a well-lived life. This book is a true testament to unconditional love and the bond that can form between animal and human.


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