The Winds of War – Herman Wouk

21484This is a great book about World War II revolving around Victor “Pug” Henry, a naval officer, and his family.  In 1939, Pug is appointed attaché in Berlin.  His insights bring him to the attention of President Roosevelt, and enable him meet Churchill, Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler.  His devotion to work alienates his wife who has an affair with a man destined for the Manhattan Project.  Pug is attracted to an English woman.  His oldest son, Warren, is a naval academy graduate in flight school who marries the daughter of a congressman. Pug’s daughter, Madeline, works in radio.  Son, Byron, is in the naval reserve, but works as a research assistant for a Jewish author in Italy.  Byron falls in love with the author’s niece and they marry.  Following Pearl Harbor, Pug, Warren and Byron prepare to fight.  Byron’s wife and son remain trapped in Europe. The story concludes in the sequel War and Remembrance.  I love this author.  He wrote The Caine Mutiny and Marjorie Morningstar which are equally spectacular.


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