Jaws – Peter Benchley

jawsAlthough the characters are not particularly likable in this book, I am including it because of the strength of the plot and the grandeur of the idea.  Amity is a seaside resort on Long Island. One night, a girl is killed in the water by a great white shark. Police Chief Martin Brody orders the beaches closed, but is overruled by the mayor who fears the loss of summer tourism and damage to property values.  The attack is hushed up.  A few days later, two others are killed.  A shark expert, Matt Hooper, is brought in to advise.  With beaches open, tourists pour in hoping to see the great white.  Brody sets up patrols to watch for it.  After the shark almost kills again, Brody hires Quint, a professional shark hunter.  Brody, Quint and Hooper set out to kill the shark.  After Quint fails to harpoon it, Hooper tries to kill it from an underwater cage.  It’s a fight to the death for the three men and the shark.  Only one survives.

2 thoughts on “Jaws – Peter Benchley

  1. I like that you mention how the characters may not be likeable. The main movie characters are charming, and the book has a different tone to me. I love compelling characters, likeable or not.

    Thanks for visiting my site and for sharing yours with me.


    1. I also found the movie characters more likable than the book characters. I enjoy a compelling character as well. I found the plotting stronger in this book than the characterization but the story was so good it didn’t really bother me.


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