The Heretic Queen – Michelle Moran

heretic_queen-cvrEgyptian princess Nefertari’s presence at court is tolerated because her aunt was the beautiful Queen Nefertiti, wife of the Heretic King, who turned his back on the gods, and brought plague and suffering to the people.  As she matures, she finds herself a pawn in the power struggle between two aunts, both head priestesses of important temples.  Nefertari catches the eye of Crown Prince Ramesses.  The union is opposed by almost everyone given the blood of heretics that runs in her veins.  Despite objections, Nefertari marries Ramesses — the most powerful of all the pharaohs — a man who faces great political adversity as well as the most famous exodus in history.  Here, Nefertari is portrayed as wonderfully sympathetic.  Ancient Egypt is brought to life with a rich writing style that is compulsively readable.  I love most of Moran’s books. This one is my favorite because I enjoy political intrigue, and quick thinking characters who outsmart their opponents by virtue of their wit.  This book delivers both in spades!     



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