Go Ask Alice – Anonymous

GoaskalicsedfsThis is a hard-to-put down book about a girl sucked into the drug culture in the 1960s.  It’s a defining book of the era, and a cautionary tale about drugs.  Alice, a 15-year-old girl, is worried about being accepted.  At a party, someone spikes her soda with LSD.  This begins a spiral of addiction from which she can’t escape.  Drugs make her popular but the newfound status comes at a price.  Alice loses her virginity and worries about getting pregnant.  She gets involved with people intent on using her, especially after she runs away.  Alice tries to go straight, but she always goes back to drugs, leading to prostitution, homelessness and even a stint in an insane asylum. Toward the end, she finally gets it together.  She reconnects with her family, meets a nice guy and establishes new friends.  That’s what makes the epilogue so shocking.  This book should be required reading for teens.  Although parts may seem dated, it’s written with authenticity, in a way young people can understand.


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