Pandemic – Scott Sigler

pandemic-coverThis is the third book in the Infected series but can stand alone.  I was conflicted about including it because the first two are oddly sexist and aren’t quite as good as the third, but Sigler absolutely hits it out of the park with this one!  About a viral invasion of Earth, it’s every bit as good as anything by Michael Crichton.  An alien virus that turns people into murdering psychopaths is back and the government must step in to stop it.  Doctor Margaret Montoya — the heroine who saved the world by dropping a nuke on Detroit — is consumed by guilt and depression over her decision as she faces yet another potential outbreak.  Before the alien intelligence was destroyed last time, it launched one last payload, a small container filled with deadly microorganisms languishing a thousand feet below the surface of Lake Michigan, undisturbed and impotent . . . until now.  Be warned! This book is full of violence.  In other words, it’s absolutely fantabular.  Sigler is an exciting author.  I can’t wait to read more of his work!

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