The Red Tent – Anita Diamant

47089This well-written book features Biblical characters.  Dinah is Jacob’s daughter, and close to all his wives who long for daughters with whom they can bond.  She learns to midwife by watching them.  Eventually, she marries a man but her family disapproves and they murder him.  Devastated, she escapes to Egypt where she raises her son. They are close, but grow apart.  It’s not an asset to have a foreign mother even though Dinah is a successful midwife.  One day, she’s with her son when she spots her brother Joseph.  Her son is upset when he learns Joseph helped murder his father and wants to kill him, but Dinah talks him out of it.  It’s the last time she sees her son.  Years pass.  Then, Joseph tells Dinah her father is dying.  She reluctantly agrees to visit.  No one notices her — she’s dead to them.  But, she learns her story has not been forgotten.  Her legacy, and that of her mothers, lives on.  That’s a lot of melodrama, but it mirrors Biblical events, providing insight about how women lived long ago in dangerous times.


2 thoughts on “The Red Tent – Anita Diamant

  1. Not many good things do happen to the women. It’s pretty depressing in that sense, which I never normally like, however, the writing is very good and somehow you don’t focus on the bad things happening but rather on the relationships between the women.


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