Anne of Green Gables – L.M. Montgomery

anne-green-gablesThis is an endearing children’s book about an orphan whose irrepressible nature earns her a family and a place in the community.  Anne Shirley is sent to Prince Edward Island to the home of a middle-aged brother and sister who want to adopt a boy to help run Green Gables — their Avonlea farm.  Anne is bright, eager to please, talkative and has a wild imagination. Matthew Cuthbert loves her right away.  Marilla Cuthbert wants to send her back — but relents.  Anne drives Marilla crazy with antics such as mistakenly dying her hair green, and inadvertently getting her best friend drunk.  At 16, she goes for a teaching license with friend, Gilbert Blythe.  She does well and earns a scholarship to pursue a bachelor’s degree, but when tragedy occurs, she gives it up to return home.  Gilbert switches teaching slots with Anne, an act that cements their growing relationship.  This book is old-fashioned, harkening back to a simpler time.  Reading it, or another in the series, is like eating meatloaf on Sunday — comfort food for the mind.

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