Tuck Everlasting – Natalie Babbitt

tuckThe writing is absolutely wonderful in this children’s book about a girl who discovers a family who cannot die.  The scenery becomes a character in and of itself given the author’s rich descriptions. Winnie has everything, wealth and respect, but the summer heat is not nearly as stifling as her gilded cage.  She longs for freedom and adventure.  One day, she encounters the Tucks, a close-knit family with a big secret.  They’re immortal.  Winnie falls in love with Jessie Tuck, and he with her.  Now she has a problem.  Does she drink from the fountain of youth herself and stay with Jessie, or accept the circle of life, knowing she will die?  Ironically, the Tucks seem as if they would make a different decision if they could choose again prompting Winnie to realize that death isn’t to be feared so much as a life not lived.

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