Because of Winn-Dixie – Kate DiCamillo

winn I loved this quirky Newbery Award Honor children’s book about a motherless girl who adopts a dog and unites a community.  Opal, age 10, finds a big, ugly dog in the produce department of the local grocery store.  She names him Winn-Dixie accordingly and takes him to meet her father who is a minister.  Since moving to Florida, Opal has been lonely and missing her mother, who left when she was little.  Her dad usually won’t talk about her mom but because of Winn-Dixie he agrees to tell her a few things.  Winn-Dixie also proves adept at making friends.  Together, they meet the librarian, Miss Block, who fought off a bear with a copy of War and Peace.  They meet Gloria Dump who is almost blind but sees with her heart.  They meet Otis, an ex-con, who sets the animals free in his pet shop after hours and lulls them by playing his guitar.  Lovable Winn-Dixie is a catalyst for the formation of friendships of all kinds.  A warm, well-written children’s classic.


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