Gone With The Wind – Margaret Mitchell

GoneThe definitive book detailing the devastation of the South after the Civil War.  Multiple plot lines revolve around one of the strongest, most interestingly flawed heroines of all time:  Scarlett O’Hara.  Scarlett is in love with Ashley, who is married to her best friend, Melanie.  Rhett Butler, who might just be the most charming rogue of all time, is in love with Scarlett but she only has eyes for Ashley.  All of this plays out amidst the backdrop of the war as the South crumbles and Scarlett ruthlessly plots to restore her family’s fortune.  She is ultimately successful in her quest, but is forced to sacrifice her own desires time and time again to do so, enduring heartbreaking tragedy along the way.  A masterpiece.


4 thoughts on “Gone With The Wind – Margaret Mitchell

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