Valley Of The Dolls – Jaqueline Susann

DollsMelodrama at its best!  Susann isn’t regarded as a literary lion but her book about three young women and how their lives intersect is deliciously entertaining nonetheless.  Anne, Jennifer and Neely seek success in the 1960’s, ultimately abusing prescription pills as their dreams fall short of their expectations.  Anne Welles, a bright college graduate from New England, lands in Manhattan looking for an exciting job which she ultimately finds in the entertainment industry and then as a model.  Jennifer North, a beautiful blonde, who longs for acceptance as a human being but is regarded as a sex object instead, begins a career as an actress.  Neely O’Hara, a talented singer, establishes a career on the stage and in film, but clashes with an older, established star who understands that work can’t take the place of family and friends.


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