Mystic River – Dennis Lehane

Mystic RiverI loved this mystery about boyhood friends Jimmy, Sean and Dave who must face the demons of the past when Jimmy’s daughter is murdered.  The boys are friends until something terrible happens to one of them, a travesty that ends their friendship and changes them forever. Years later, Sean is a homicide detective, Jimmy an ex-con store owner and Dave trying to keep his marriage together as he fights the urge to do terrible things.  Sean is assigned the case which brings him into conflict with Jimmy who wants to revert to his criminal past and dish out justice – vigilante style.  Where does Dave fit into the mix – Dave who came home the night Jimmy’s daughter was killed covered in blood. Rich narrative.  I understand and agree with the “show don’t tell” writing philosophy, but sometimes a little tell ain’t necessarily bad.  Lehane’s Shutter Island is a great book as well.

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