Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil – John Berendt

Midnight-in-the-Garden-of-Good-and-EvilThe description of place and sublime characters in this murder mystery are so rich and inventive one would think the book a novel when in fact it is a work of non-fiction.  In 1981, a person is killed in a mansion in Savannah, Georgia.  Is it murder or self-defense?  In the author’s skillful hands, the city of Savannah – a remnant of the Old South with it’s Spanish moss and shaded squares – becomes a character in and of itself.  We are introduced to the likes of an arrogant antiques dealer, a voodoo priestess who plies her trade in graveyards at midnight, a redneck gigolo and a profane black drag queen, just to name a few of the interesting characters populating Savannah’s streets.  It’s in this milieu, that Berendt reveals the details of the case in a town where everyone knows everyone else.

2 thoughts on “Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil – John Berendt

  1. This book is what put Savanah on my bucket list! It definitely reads like a fictional tale but the fact that it is non-fiction raises this book to a whole new level in my view.


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