Clan Of The Cave Bear – Jean Auel

Clan of the Cave Bear_595At the dawn of humanity, a girl is left wandering alone after a natural disaster.  She is found by people of the Clan (Neanderthals) who view her as ugly, one of the Others (Homo Sapiens) who have invaded their tribal homelands. Iza and Creb grow to love Ayla as do most of the Clan.  But the brutal youth destined to lead the tribe views her, and her strange abilities, as a threat.  Broud hates Ayla and is determined to exact revenge. Although the book was a massive bestseller, Auel was savaged by “experts” who claimed Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens did not exist at the same time.  History has proven Auel RIGHT and the “experts” WRONG!  The question remaining is what happened to the Neanderthals?  Did Homo Sapiens drive them to extinction or did we absorb them into our species as Auel suggests.  Do we all carry a bit of Neanderthal in our DNA?  I’m going to side with Auel on this one because she was right once before, and because the road rage I get on occasion is evidence enough of the cave woman residing within.


3 thoughts on “Clan Of The Cave Bear – Jean Auel

  1. One of my favorite series!!! And one author that frustrates the devil out of me too! Years and years go by…waiting for the next installment. I think it must be close to 10 since the last one? Maybe? All I know is I read and re-read this series and it more and more. Great pick Viv.


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