Foundation – Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov_1951_FoundationThe Foundation Trilogy won the Hugo Award for Best All-Time Series.  The award is richly deserved.  Foundation is a SciFi classic about psychohistorian, Hari Seldon, who is attempting to save humanity.  The Galactic Empire is dying.  Seldon, a mathematician who has created the field of psychohistory which enables him to see into the future, can tell a new dark age is approaching.  Seldon gathers the best minds, scientists and scholars, and brings them to a bleak world on the edge of the galaxy where he has created a sanctuary called Foundation.  He is hoping to create a galactic encyclopedia to save human knowledge and shorten the dark age.  Soon Foundation is at the mercy of the corrupt warlords who are threatening humanity.  Do they fight or submit?  Fabulous premise.


4 thoughts on “Foundation – Isaac Asimov

    1. I loved Foundation but couldn’t get into the Robot series. LOL. I guess that’s why art is subjective. I must admit it’s been awhile since I read Foundation. I just remember it having a big impact on me at the time, so much so that I read the second and third books pretty much right away. I should go back and read it again. It’s pretty old and might be dated. I guess the problem I’m running into now is that there are so many books, and so little time . . .


      1. Exactly! I’ve noticed that people tend to be in either one camp or the other with Asimov. …And some people are just completely annoyed by him.


      2. Yeah he was always polarizing but people with IQs that high often don’t have the best social skills. I can’t say I loved everything he wrote, and his stuff is getting older now, but I have a soft spot for Foundation. It was one of my first SciFi books and it just blew me away.

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