The One And Only Ivan – Katherine Applegate

IvanThis is a wonderful children’s book that won the Newbery Award in 2013, and deservedly so.  Ivan, a great ape, has been stuck performing at a shopping mall for 27 years.  His treatment is less than stellar.  His friends are two elephants, a dog, the janitor and the janitor’s daughter.  Told from the ape’s point of view, the book is about Ivan’s friendships — so important given his circumstances — and how he tries to engineer escape for all of them.  I read this book straight through, without stopping, and that’s always the sign of a sure winner.


4 thoughts on “The One And Only Ivan – Katherine Applegate

    1. Done and done. I love your blog. I used to read a lot of true crime but find that I don’t read as much anymore because of shows like Snapped on television. Still, there’s nothing quite like a good true crime novel. I also read Keith Richards biography. Interesting stuff. Wonder how long it took Mick to talk to him again after it was published?


      1. Yea true crime books are awesome! And autobiographies in rock n roll are my favorite. Im guessing it probably didnt take too long for them to get back in touch. Im sure Keith had to let him know what he was writing in the book. Thanks for the follow and glad you enjoy it


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